A Fresh Flush

editorial Jan 10, 2017

From its humble beginnings in 2014 as a single sheet of 8.5x11 posted to the inside of a bathroom stall, the Bidetly has strove to be the number one source of news of questionable relevance. Unfortunately, starting a print media for programmers in 2014 was decidedly poor timing. The business model was unsustainable in a world which demands all information be delivered in 140 characters or less. So sad!

The question you might ask yourself is: What is the Bidetly? For the most part, it is a programming blog. We will cover a variety of (hopefully interesting) topics, from data structures useful in high-performance computing to news commentary. Through all this, we will keep the same serious, yet sarcastic tone you have come to expect from this prestigious publication. Like the bidet which inspires us, we aim to bring good, clean fun to a task that might have otherwise been irritating and routine.

Internally, the Bidetly has transformed into a loose federation of independent contributors. We now use Markdown instead of \(\LaTeX\) (some authors have taken this hard). The new publication medium of the Internet will allow us to deliver rich content, complete with beautiful charts, image macros, and a cavalcade of Oxford commas.

In short: We're back.


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