Nobody is Ruining America

politics Mar 13, 2018

Update 19 September 2020: This article is factually incorrect. It turns out that the Republican Party is actually trying to destroy America. I apologize for being wrong.

Donald Trump is not ruining America. People who voted for Trump are not ruining America. Republicans and their "identity politics" are not destroying America.

The Left is not ruining America. The Democrat's "identity politics" did not ruin America. Political Parties are not ruining America.

People who advocate for gun rights are not ruining America. People who think we need stricter gun control don't want to welcome an authoritarian government to ruin America.

Political correctness is not ruining America.

The upper middle class is not ruining America. Corporate greed is not ruining America. "Cultural Marxism" is not destroying America. Socialists are not going to ruin everything.

Liberals are not destroying America's culture. Conservatives are not ruining America.

Millennials are not destroying America. Baby Boomers did not ruin America.

Fidget spinners are not ruining America. Social media is not destroying America.

Professional sports are not destroying society. Football is not ruining kids. Soccer is not ruining America.

Next time you think "X is ruining America," stop and ask yourself: Is X really ruining America? You'll find the answer is always "No." If you don't think the answer is "No," consider the fact that your extremism is an inhibitor to real conversation between people in the moderate majority. Don't worry too much -- it isn't ruining America, but it is fairly annoying to deal with.


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